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Voxel Engine
Realtime Soft Light
Perlin Noise Terrain
Optimized Tree mesh
Vertex based Particles System
OBJ Loader
Custom Shaders
Virtual Seed
Skybox CUBE Texture
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I've spend few years on game engine programming using DirectX on C++,and I was able to implement many important features that modern games demand for, Like : Multi Light Shading and Management, Cascaded Shadows, Texture Elevated Terrain, Vertex Weighted Bone Animations, etc. After making basic Physics, I learned to implement powerful "Nvidia PhysX" library for Physics simulation and collision.

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Some new and mind blowing stuff is guaranteed when you look at an advanced stuff.
I'm fortunate enough to work on Ray Tracing, Artificial Intelligence, Procedural Asset Generation and object Placement, Water, Physics and Traffic Simulations, more on the way...

Ray Tracing and Surface Material using Render Equation.
Distance based Tessellation on noise generated height map
Interactive 3D water simulation, using compute shader
Ray Bouncing and Reflections using Compute Shaders
HightMap using multiple frequency of Simplex Noise
Car Handling using realistic controls
Traffic Navigation and Path Finding
Board Game AI with Alpha beta pruning
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When i first saw, how easy it is to make games, i was so disappointed in humans :D
So, I took things under my control in 2014 and start to fulfill my urge to implement everything.
Plus, It helped me a lot in making a great career as well.

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Portfolio: Pro Gallery
Portfolio: Welcome


As much as i am about learning, i equally care about sharing.
And YouTube is one the best ways to share knowledge and get feedback on your work.

Portfolio: Welcome
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